Our pre-service training program provides potential foster, respite, and adoptive families with information and skills necessary to make an informed decision about their participation in the Therapeutic Foster Care Program. Throughout the program we share information and experiences designed to help families:

  • Assess the ability of their family to participate in the program
  • Make a responsible decision regarding their level of participation in the program
  • Develop beginning skills required of treatment foster parents.

Successful completion of 24 hours of pre-service training is one of the requirements to become certified as a treatment, respite or adoptive parent. This training is designed to be an interactive process and includes lecture, group discussions and activities. Pre-service training is held at least four times a year. For more information about pre-service training and upcoming training dates, please contact Stephanie King at (443) 923-3238 or KingS@KennedyKrieger.org.