The Parent/Staff Advisory (PSA) Committee advises the program in areas of development. Established in February 2000, the purpose of the PSA is:

  • To bring together foster parents and staff committed to improving the quality of services provided to children and families in the program.
  • To support and enhance communication around program needs.
  • To inform treatment foster parents and staff of local, state and national issues impacting the program.


  • Treatment parent and staff voice in program direction
  • Increased recognition to foster families — *Bonus checks — *Giant gift cards — *Recognition events and awards
  • Respite pay raises
  • Community open house events

New Opportunities

  • The PSA is recruiting new members to join the Committee
  • New opportunity for parents who join the Committee to serve as Parent Liaisons

Interested? You can Join!

  • Parent/StaffAdvisory meets approximately 6 times a year and members make a commitment to serve at least once a year.
  • Those unable to make a one-year commitment are welcome to attend any meeting.

Meetings are held at 7000 Tudsbury Road. To learn more about joining the committee or becoming a parent liaison, call us at (443) 923-5989.

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