The Therapeutic Foster Care program offers support, education, and training for therapeutic foster, respite, and adoption parents in both small and large groups. Issue-specific support groups may also be formed to address therapeutic foster parent needs and/or individual concerns.

While our staff help to facilitate support groups, treatment parents define the groups’ agendas. Support groups are established to provide participants with an opportunity to share concerns, challenges, and accomplishments related to specific issues therapeutic foster parents face. Educational and training groups are convened on a regular basis to provide therapeutic foster parents with an opportunity to increase their knowledge and skill on a variety of topics related to their role. Outside speakers may be invited to address the groups on specific topics on which they have expertise.

Examples of Support Groups Offered:

  • Information Meetings
  • Pre-service Training
  • Adoption Preparation Training
  • Foster Parent Support Groups
  • Adoption Support Groups
  • Wednesday Night Treatment Parent Professional Development Training Series
  • Parent/Staff Advisory

See our Events Calendar for scheduled training dates for each individual support group.

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