Kennedy Krieger Institute takes a multifaceted person-centered approach to helping individuals with disabilities obtain and maintain meaningful employment and community engagement.

CORE Foundations Behavioral Support Services

Behavioral Support Services support individuals in safely accessing their community. Behavioral Support Services includes a combination of observations, assessments, development of a behavior plan, team training and monitoring and re-evaluating strategies over time.

Behavioral Support Services at Kennedy Krieger Institute are under the supervision of a licensed psychologist and services are provided by trained and qualified team members. All CORE Foundations at Kennedy Krieger Institute team members are trained in The Mandt System.

CORE Foundations offers the following Behavioral Support Services:

  • Behavior Assessment includes observation of the community member in multiple settings, interviews with the community member’s team, and development of the behavior plan.
  • Behavior Plan Development
  • Behavior Consultation provides training to the community member’s team on strategies included in the behavior plan. There will be regular monitoring and review of the behavior plan.
  • Behavior Support Implementation provides modeling of behavioral support strategies, written feedback to team members and participation in meetings with the community member’s support network.
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