Catholic Review: Faith bolsters family

5-year-old Eli came to Kennedy Krieger after being diagnosed with Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM), a rare condition that can cause varying degrees of paralysis. Meet Eli and discover how his positive attitude and rehabilitation at the Institute have helped him make strides in his recovery.
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JMore: Making Headway

In the October issue of JMore, Dr. Suskauer and Dr. Slomine share their experience leading Kennedy Krieger’s Center for Brain Injury Recovery.
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Spectrum: The Hidden Danger of Suicide in Autism 

Drs. Paul Lipkin and Roma Vasa discuss risks and solutions for suicidal ideation unique to individuals with autism.
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NBC Nightly News: ADHD a biological condition, not just behavioral, new research shows

Dr. Mark Mahone discusses research findings that reveal ADHD is a biological condition.
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The Hechinger Report: We’ve got to train special education teachers to be leaders as well as educators

Nancy Grasmick discusses the importance of training teachers so they are able to teach all of their students, including those with disabilities. 
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U.S. News & World Report: A Child with ADHD Likely to Have Additional Behavioral Issues, Anxiety

Dr. E. Mark Mahone discusses some of the most common comorbid conditions with ADHD and the importance of early intervention. Read article



WJZ-TV: Kennedy Krieger Aquatic Therapy Helps Patients with Spinal Cord Injuries

Rachel Mertins, a physical therapist at the International Center for Spinal Cord Injury, discusses the benefits of aquatic therapy. 
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WBFF-TV: Brain and Spine Injury Awareness

Kennedy Krieger's own Rebecca Martin and Dr. Stacy Suskauer discuss the importance of safety measures for avoiding brain and spinal cord injuries. 
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WJZ-TV: Baltimore Toddler Recovering From Pediatric Stroke

WJZ-TV talks to Dr. Frank Pidcock to learn more about how Kennedy Krieger patient Brooke Wolcott is recovering from a stroke that left her unable to move her left side. 
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U.S. News & World Report: Are Brains Different for Kids Who Have ADHD?

Dr. E. Mark Mahone offers expertise on the neuroscience of ADHD. 
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The Huffington Post: Prevention is Key to Reduce Spring Concussion Spike

Dr. Stacy Suskauer offers expertise on the seasonal increase in brain injury seen during the spring.
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BBC Two: Life Now with Half a Brain

Dr. Amy Bastian, Chief Scientific Officer, discusses the brain and its plasticity in this BBC Two segment about Jody Graves, a former Kennedy Krieger patient who had half of her brain removed when she was three-years-old. 


WBAL-TV: Stimulating Brain Can Speed Up Concussion Recovery, Doctor Says

Dr. Stacy Suskauer discusses how concussion treatment is changing as more is learned about the way young brains heal. 
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WBAL-TV: Bennett Blazers Blaze Path for Athletes with Special Needs

Kennedy Krieger’s Bennett Blazers offers kids a sports program and Olive and Willow show there is nothing they can’t do. 
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Baltimore's Child: Teaching Kids – and Adults - the ABC’s of Affection

Dr. Rebecca Landa and Dr. Kiely Law discuss the challenge that children with special needs have in learning how to give and receive affection at appropriate times.
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Washington Post: To get your kids to listen to you, try writing it all down

Expert from our Center for Autism and Related Disorders talks about why visual aids work.
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