In addition to the major rotations, our program also offers minor rotations (up to one day a week) in specific areas chosen by the resident. Minor experiences can be used to broaden training experiences or provide more in-depth experience in one or two areas. Possible minor experiences are available in the following areas:

  • Focused Clinical Services: Residents train alongside faculty who work closely with specialized pediatric populations (e.g., those with epilepsy, oncology, or congenital heart disease).
  • Clinical Programs and Consultation Services: These programs provide residents with opportunities to work within an interdisciplinary treatment team providing neuropsychological evaluations, treatment and consultation (e.g., Spina Bifida Clinic, Brain Injury Follow-up Clinic, Sickle Cell Clinic, Infant Neurodevelopment Center).
  • Adult Neuropsychology: Residents train with rehabilitation neuropsychologists through the Johns Hopkins Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (with emphasis on assessment and treatment of individuals with brain injury, spinal cord injury, transplant, stroke, and post-tumor resection) or with adult neuropsychologists in the Johns Hopkins Division of Medical Psychology (with emphasis on assessment and treatment of adult neuropsychiatric conditions, dementia and epilepsy).
  • Research: Trainees can participate in ongoing research projects involving neurobehavioral assessment of children with central nervous system dysfunction.