The Department of Behavioral Psychology provides a wide variety of assessment and treatment services for diverse pediatric populations and their families.

The philosophy of our post-doctoral fellowship program is to prepare fellows to function independently in a variety of settings, in addition to working as members of multidisciplinary teams providing health related services to children and their families. Our postdoctoral fellowship provides training in empirical research, applied behavior analysis, developmental disabilities, behavioral pediatrics, individual therapy and family therapy, depending on the training track. All postdoctoral fellowship training experiences are 12 months in length, beginning on September 1. All degree requirements, including dissertation defense, must be completed in order to start fellowship. Training occurs through supervised experiences, and postdoctoral fellows completing our program are well qualified to enter clinical, medical, or academic settings. Postdoctoral fellows completing our program receive 2,000 fellowship training hours towards psychology licensure. All Kennedy Krieger postdoctoral fellows receive their academic appointments through the Department of Pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

The start of the fellowship training year is September 1.

Our program recognizes the importance of cultural and individual differences and diversity in the training of psychologists, behavior analysts, and researchers. Our training program follows Kennedy Krieger Institute’s policy, as an equal opportunity employer, of commitment to diversity at all levels. The fellowship training program welcomes and encourages qualified individuals to apply and enter on the basis of demonstrated ability, performance, and merit, and we embrace cultural and individual differences..

Kennedy Krieger Institute is committed to excellence. Diverse thoughts, backgrounds and perspectives create a robust community that fosters the best innovation and ideas. We aspire to have individuals of all backgrounds, races, religions, ethnicities and identities thrive in an environment of respect, encouragement, equity and inclusion.

- Bradley L. Schlaggar, MD, PhD, Kennedy Krieger Institute's President & CEO

Clinics Offering Fellowships

Behavior Management Clinic
Brief Treatment Clinic
Child and Family Therapy Clinic
Neurobehavioral Unit-Inpatient (Research)
Neurobehavioral Unit Outpatient Clinic
Pediatric Developmental Disabilities Clinic
Pediatric Feeding Disorders
Pediatric Psychology Clinic and Consultation Service
Program Evaluation/Clinical Outcomes (Research)

We also have postdoctoral fellowship opportunities for applicants completing a doctorate in applied behavior analysis in the following clinics: Neurobehavioral Unit- Inpatient, Neurobehavioral Unit Outpatient Clinic, Pediatric Feeding Disorders, and Program Evaluation/ Clinical Outcomes. All deadlines and benefits for our APPIC-accredited postdoctoral fellowship are applicable for these positions.

Stipend & Benefits

Annual Stipend: $54,840

The stipend for first-year fellows is consistent with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) PGY1 stipend and will be updated annually based on their guidelines.


15 days paid time off (PTO)
Five Professional Days
Eight Institute Holidays
Health Insurance
Vision Insurance
Dental Insurance
Free Parking
Support for Attendance at Professional Conference

Application Guidelines

Application Due Date: December 15, 2022
Notification Date: We will follow the Common Hold Date (CHD) of February 27, 2023.

Applicants applying to the Behavior Management Clinic, Child & Family Therapy Clinic, Pediatric Psychology Consultation Program, and Pediatric Developmental Disabilities Clinic also must have completed an APA-accredited internship.

Qualifications for applying to the fellowship program include: a) completion of all doctoral degree requirements in psychology or behavior analysis from a regionally accredited institution of higher education prior to August 1st in order to start fellowship and b) training and experience in both clinical and research applications of the behavioral psychology in hospital, educational, or community settings.

We will accept applications via APPA CAS, by direct email, or regular U.S. mail:

  1. Applicants can use the online APPA CAS (APPIC Psychology Postdoctoral Application – Centralized Application System). For more information and to access and create your postdoctoral application in the Applicant Portal, please click the following link The Kennedy Krieger Postdoctoral Fellowship portal will open on October 1.
  2. Applicants may also submit application materials via direct email ( by providing the following:
    • A cover letter stating the specific clinic(s) to which you are applying fellowship your professional academic preparation and work experience, career interests, and reasons for applying to our fellowship site. If applying to more than one clinic, this can either be included in one letter, or a separate letter can be written for each clinic.
    • A copy of your most recent curriculum vitae.
    • Original transcripts of all graduate-level coursework should be issued to Dr. Valerie Paasch and mailed (or emailed) directly to us from Registrar's Office.
    • Letters of recommendations written by three references familiar with your prior training and professional experiences. These letters should be addressed to Dr. Valerie Paasch and sent directly to our site by letter writers.
    • Verification of Completion letter (to be completed by dissertation chair or Director of Clinical Training) indicating dissertation will be defended and approved one month before fellowship begins (by July 31). Exception: This letter is not needed if your official transcript reflects your degree has already been awarded.

Interviews will occur virtually in December and January. We anticipate offers will start being made around February 3, 2023.

For additional information on the Common Hold Date: .

Considerations Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

At this time, all training appointments at the Kennedy Krieger Institute and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine are contingent upon being vaccinated for COVID-19. Documentation will be required. This decision is based on guidance from the CDC and Kennedy Krieger Infection Control, and all trainees are provided with hospital-issued PPE for any in-person activities.

Every effort is being made to maintain a diverse training experience. All behavioral psychology clinics are currently operational and providing a combination of in-person and telehealth clinical services, didactics, observations and trainings. All trainees are based onsite at one of our Kennedy Krieger locations and should plan on spending 5 days onsite per week for the upcoming training year. 

For more information, please email or call 443-923-7533.