The intern is expected to maintain a minimum of 15 hours per week of a combination of therapy and assessment with children, adolescents and their families. The current pandemic necessitates that most clinical services are being provided by telehealth synchronous Zoom calls.

In addition, indirect services such as case management, attendance at IEP or other school meetings, contact with collaterals such as foster care workers, CPS professionals, and multi-disciplinary consultation are often required to meet the needs of child and family patients. These are also being provided remotely by staff and trainees.

Interns see a combination of psychotherapy cases drawn from their training settings and clinics. A typical day may begin with an assessment appointment, then seminars, supervision, consultation, and paperwork in the later morning and early afternoon. Later afternoon schedules are commonly filled with after-school evaluation or therapy appointments.

The internship is full-time, approximately 40-45 hours per week, Monday through Friday. On the CCFTS track, the intern is required to see clients until at least 7 p.m. on one evening of the week.