We strive to recruit interns who are prepared to meet the challenges of this internship. As such, we seek interns who have a strong background in at least one of the following areas: applied behavior analysis, developmental disabilities, pediatric neuropsychology, behavioral pediatrics, or family therapy.

Successful applicants are expected to possess training and experience that is consistent with the Program’s Aim. We attempt to recruit interns from doctoral programs that emphasize empirical, data-based approaches to the practice of psychology. We expect that successful applicants have experience using the scientific literature to develop assessment and treatment strategies and we evaluate the applications accordingly. We also evaluate the applicant’s practicum experience with pediatric populations.

Candidates must currently be enrolled in a Ph.D. or Psy.D. graduate program in psychology at an APA accredited institution. Successful applicants generally have 1200 hours or more of practical experience with pediatric populations. Applications are screened carefully to ensure that the prospective interns’ previous training and experiences provide a good match to the training and experience available at the Kennedy Krieger Institute. All applicants will participate in a virtual/remote interview consistent with APPIC COVID-19 guidelines. Applicants will receive a video link to participate in the interview day. A typical interview day will include an orientation by the training leadership, a tour of the physical location, individual interviews with supervisors, an opportunity to meet in small groups with current interns, and an opportunity to meet again with training leadership at the end of the day to ask remaining questions.