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Doctoral Training in Professional Psychology: Supervision and Training

Supervision and Training

Our training program follows the scientist-practitioner model in that interns are provided with intensive training in the application of the scientific method within the context of clinical service delivery.  As part of this scientist-practitioner model, our program adheres to a philosophy of utilizing empirically-based methods of assessment and intervention.  Interns are exposed to the breadth of scientific psychology, its history of thought and development, its research methods, and its applications. 

Our training program goals include assessment and treatment planning, case management, responsibility to the consumers, professional conduct, as well as more specific topics such as applied behavior analysis, biological bases of behavior, parent-child relationships, and neuropsychological assessment.

At least one member of the faculty is responsible for providing close supervision of the intern's performance on each clinical case. Interns meet weekly with one or two outpatient supervisors and daily with inpatient faculty case managers in order to review case responsibilities, selection and implementation of measurement and treatment procedures, data interpretation, and treatment planning. Licensed psychologists supervise all cases. The program strictly adheres to the APA guidelines of two hours of individual (face to face) and two hours of group supervision per week.