Education and Training

Education and Training

Spinal Cord Injury Medicine Fellowship

The Spinal Cord Injury Medicine Fellowship at Kennedy Krieger Institute and Johns Hopkins University offers training in acute/chronic and traumatic/non-traumatic conditions affecting the spinal cord in both adults and children. There is a special emphasis on medical and rehabilitative interventions used to optimize and enhance neural restoration throughout a patient's lifetime. For more information, visit Spinal Cord Injury Medicine Fellowship or call (443) 923-9227.


Patient Education and Training

The International Center for Spinal Cord Injury offers several educational programs for patients and their loved ones. Review our educational and support group offerings.

Contemporary Trends in Spinal Cord Injury Management Symposium

This yearly symposium gathers world-renowned experts in spinal cord injury and neurorehabilitation to highlight the latest treatments, groundbreaking research, and emerging trends across the continuum of care for individuals with spinal cord dysfunction. For more information, visit the symposium registration website.


Activity-Based Restorative Therapy Training Workshops

The center sponsors clinical continuing education workshops for rehabilitation professionals to gain and advance their skills in various rehabilitation techniques related to Activity-Based Restorative Therapy.