In addition to individual support, business support, and training, we value community, state agency, higher education, and business partnerships.

These partnerships provide opportunities for us to enhance our programs, and work together to increase employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities.

Get Involved:

  • Provide job shadowing opportunities
  • Provide tours of your business
  • Provide job readiness training 
  • Provide job trials
  • Be a guest speaker
  • Career mentorship
  • Job simulation
  • Provide a virtual tour
  • Ambassador of the programconnect to colleagues
  • Join a program Business Advisory Council
  • Mock interviews 
  • Informational interviews
  • Hire neurodivergent individuals

The Business Advisory Council (B.A.C) is a business led initiative that is a group of businesses that supports and guides the Meaningful Community Services programs on best practice in the workplace, retention strategies, and recruitment strategies. The B.A.C supports our efforts that individuals with disabilities obtain and maintain meaningful employment.

What We Provide to Business Collaborator:

  • Experienced and trained staff to support all
  • Training to your workforce
  • Trusted communication
  • Job development
  • Innovative modifications
  • Collaborative approach
Valued Partnership graphic.

Interested in learning more about becoming an inclusive employer?

Contact Tami Goldsmith, Project Coordinator, Neurodiversity and Community Workforce Development, at