Help us learn more about autism spectrum disorders by participating in a research study at CARD:

Social Communication Intervention for Toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorder

This study is currently recruiting

Study Name: Do you have a child 18 to 33 months old with autism spectrum disorder?

Description: Researchers at Kennedy Krieger Institute are studying whether there are differences between in-person and virtually delivered social communication intervention for toddlers with autism spectrum disorder.

This study includes: 

  • Questionnaires about your child and you
  • Developmental assessments
  • Random assignment to either virtual or in-person intervention sessions
  • No significant risks associated with participation

If eligible, families will receive:

  • Intervention for 12 weeks
  • Information about your child's development
  • $50 after study completion
Eligibility & Criteria

IRB# 00279093

Principal Investigator: Dr. Rebecca Landa

Co-Investigator: Dr. Rachel Reetzke

Sponsor: Department of Defense

Gender: All

Age: 18 to 33 months

Diagnosis: Autism Spectrum Disorder

Contact information: (877) 850-3372 |

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The Early Assessment of Language Markers in Infant Siblings Study

This study is currently recruiting.

Study Name: Do you have a baby under 6 months old?

Description: Researchers at Kennedy Krieger Institute are studying how infants learn language early in life. By learning more about your child's development, we hope to improve ways to identify children who may benefit most from early intervention.

This study includes: 

  • Developmental Assessment s
  • Hearing screening
  • Non-invasive EEG
  • Questionnaires about you and your child

...when your baby is 6 and 12 months

If eligible, families will receive:

  • $45 after completed assessments
  • Developmental feedback
  • Referral for a formal clinical evaluation if concerns are identified during research assessments
Eligibility & Criteria


Principal Investigators: Dr. Rebecca LandaDr. Rachel Reetzke

Sponsor: Brain and Behavior Research Foundation

Gender: All

Age: under 6 months

Diagnosis: N/A

Contact information: (877) 850-3372 |

Study keywords: Autism Spectrum Disorder

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