The Kennedy Krieger logo has been designed with intention and is an expression of our brand.

The logo is trademarked and therefore should not be altered in any manner. It should only be used as presented in these brand guidelines. Horizontal and vertical versions of the logo are available to allow for flexibility in various situations. These are the only versions of the logo that should be used.

Image of the Kennedy Krieger logo in purple, white and blackLogo colors

For brand consistency, clarity and accessibility, there are three color variations of the logo available for use: Powerful Purple (PMS 3535), white and black.

The Powerful Purple logo version is preferred.

However, there are some instances in which using the white logo is more appropriate. In such cases, it is preferred to place the white logo on a Powerful Purple background. Alternatively, the white logo can be placed on photographs as long as the background is dark enough to maintain proper contrast and clarity. A black logo is available for limited use when color reproduction is unavailable

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