Kennedy Krieger Institute's Conflicts of Interest and Commitment in Research Policy establishes standards to ensure that research is conducted with integrity and openness, and that the rights and welfare of human research participants are protected. Any conflicts between an individual’s professional obligations to the Institute and personal, private interests must be identified, effectively managed, and reduced or, when necessary, eliminated for research conducted at the Institute.

Kennedy Krieger Institute employees who hold faculty appointments at the Johns Hopkins Institute are also required to comply with applicable Johns Hopkins Institute policies, and employees with faculty appointments at other institutions may be required to satisfy policies and conditions of those institutions also.

This Policy is also designed to support the Institute’s compliance with federal regulations on conflicts of interest in research funded by the Public Health Service. Pursuant to our policy, we will provide information regarding financial conflicts of interest upon written request to the Office of Research Administration at We will provide a written response to a request within five business days of the receipt of the request.