Research Coordinator


Mathew received his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Union College in 2009, and his master's in applied biomedical engineering from Johns Hopkins University in 2014.

He is interested in studying methods to improve outcomes of movement rehabilitation programs in patients with neurological damage or disease. His studies investigate techniques to teach people new walking patterns. For instance, previous studies have shown that walking on a split-belt treadmill can temporarily change the walking pattern in healthy people, and can help improve certain characteristics of the walking pattern in people with central nervous system damage (such as stroke). However, many patients have additional gait deficits, such as decreased flexion or extension of individual joints, which are not improved with split-belt walking.

His current research aims to train people to alter these specific characteristics of the walking pattern, either independently or in conjunction with split-belt training, by incorporating methods such as visual feedback, instruction, and reward.