At the Center for Movement Studies, we have approximately 7,000 square feet of testing and training space. We utilize many devices in the lab, including:

  • Zeno Mat
  • Vicon Motion Capture System
  • Kistler 9281 Force Plates
  • ParvoMedics True One 2400 Metabolic Cart
  • Oculus Rift and Touch Virtual Reality Head Set
  • Motek GRAIL treadmill and Motion Capture System
  • Optotrack Certus Motion Tracking System
  • Woodway Split Belt Treadmill
  • KinArm Robot
  • NeuroConn DC-Stimulator (TDCS)
  • Magstim (TMS)

*The new addition to the lab is the Motek GRAIL treadmill and motion capture system.

This system consists of an instrumented split-belt treadmill with triaxial force plates (one under each foot) and a ten-camera Vicon three-dimensional motion capture system that records the motion of passive retroreflective markers. The treadmill is fixed to a dynamic platform that enables lateral movement and changes in pitch (i.e., incline/decline) of the treadmill. A harness system is installed above the treadmill and handrails run the length of the treadmill for patient safety

. We have written custom software to control the speed, acceleration, lateral movement, and pitch of the treadmill. The treadmill can also run in self-paced mode in which the speed is controlled by the walker.