These are troubling times during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here at The Center of Neurodevelopmental and Imaging Research at Kennedy Krieger Institute, we want our families know we are altering our study in order to keep our participants and staff healthy and safe.

Listed below are new COVID-19 safety regulations we have implemented in order to keep our families and staff safe:

Visit Preparation

  • Please plan for only one parent/legal guardian to accompany your child to the visit.
    • Additional siblings or visitors are allowed at this time.
  • You and your child will be screened for symptoms/exposure over the phone the day before your visit and upon your arrival at our building.
    • If we believe you are your child is exhibiting any symptoms, we reserve the right to reschedule your visit.
    • If you believe you or your child is exhibiting any symptoms, please contact a psychology associate to reschedule.
  • You will also receive an email containing “What to Expect During Your Visit to the CNIR” and “Important Information About COVID-19 and Research Participation” documents with other helpful documents. We are requesting parents and participants to review these documents before their visit.

Visit Day

  • You and your child will need to wear a mask throughout your visit. 
  • You will have a private waiting room on our floor, this will be your “home base” during the visit; this is where you can safely remove your mask. You can bring food and drinks and eat in this waiting area.
  • A family-style bathroom is available for you to use.
  • There will be a minimal staff member in contact with you and your child. They will be always wearing a mask. There may be a couple of instances where your child will need to un-mask for more than 30 seconds to complete a quick testing item; proper distancing will be maintained at this time.
  • Our MRIs machines are cleaned after each use. Our MRI staff will also wear a mask and face field while interacting with your child. There is a sanitized waiting area in the MRI room for a parent/legal guardian to wait. Please refer to our “What is and MRI” and “Preparing for an MRI” sections for more information
  • For more information about your day at CNIR, please visit “Information for Parents-What to Expect
  • Our research center is rigorously sanitized multiple times a day.
  • We are not offering valet parking; please take a ticket and we will validate your ticket.

Throughout Kennedy Krieger Institute, our primary responsibility is the safety and well-being of our patients and participants. Please remember, research participation is voluntary.