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Meet Katarina, a former patient of our inpatient rehabilitation unit, who, following surgery necessitated. by a dog attack, came to Kennedy Krieger to receive interdisciplinary evaluation, treatment and rehabilitative services, including physical, occupational and psychological therapies and pain management. View video.

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Professional's Perspective

Reality of Hope

Brian, paralyzed from the neck down after a gymnastics accident, received the visit of a lifetime when "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" provided his family with an accessible home, allowing him to do the things he was previously unable to. Read more →

No Ordinary 4-Year-Old

The loving presence and dedication of her parents helped reinforce and accelerate Mia's rehabilitation for a cervical-level spinal cord injury.
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Innovative Rehabilitation Approaches & Technologies

Adaptive aquatic therapy pools

Adaptive aquatic therapy pools

Adaptive aquatic therapy pools are equipped with underwater treadmills, video systems, sensory temperature controls, and hydraulic lifts that allow the floors to be raised and lowered for easy access by patients in wheelchairs. The buoyancy eliminates stress on the body, letting patients work on increasing muscle strength, flexibility, and range of motion.

The Ekso Exoskeleton™ is a powered lower limb orthosis that enables people with lower extremity weakness or paralysis to return to standing and walking. In addition, this battery-powered bionic device can be used to supplement our gait training therapies.

RT100 & RT300 FES lower extremity ergometers

The RT100 & RT300 FES lower extremity ergometers provide electrical stimulation to the muscles of the lower or upper limbs in a set pattern to allow the patient to power the bicycle. This activity improves muscle bulk and strength and improves cardiovascular health.


The MediTouch HandTutorTM is a glove and software system that provides hand biofeedback. Challenging games and biofeedback provide patients with the motivation to continue intensive repetitive fine motor finger and wrist exercises.