At Kennedy Krieger Institute, our team of pediatric psychologists work to help children, teens and their families cope with the challenges of a chronic or acute conditions. We also provide treatment for children who develop significant anxiety, sadness, and difficulties with peer relationships or parent/child interactions. Each child receives a thorough assessment to determine the proper treatment for your child and your family.

We offer the following:

Individualized treatment - We offer specialized care that is specifically targeted to your child and his or her needs. 

Interdisciplinary care – The psychologists in the Psychiatric Mental Health Program work with a number of other clinical specialties to determine the best treatment options for your child.

Family support – Mental health issues not only impact the child, but most often impact the entire family.  We offer emotional, educational and social support for the whole family.

Our team provides the following services for inpatients, in-person outpatient and telehealth appointments:

  • Family therapy
  • Parent/child therapy
  • Group therapy
  • School consultation