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Headshot of Dr. Carmen López-Arvizu against a gray backdrop. To her left is a quote, attributed to  her, that reads: "There needs to be an understanding of the severity of mental illness. Just because it's invisible to the eyes doesn't mean it's not important."

April 3, 2023: Dr. Carmen López-Arvizu, a child and adolescent psychiatrist at Kennedy Krieger, spoke to @baltimorebanner about the stigma surrounding #MentalIllness, the need for increased understanding of #MentalHealth issues, and the importance of access to treatment. 

Six smiling people pose for the camera wearing bright orange shirts that say “I ROARed for Kids at Kennedy Krieger 2022.” Most of the people have badges on; some of the badges say “RN” on them. One of the people has a stethoscope around their neck.

June 2, 2023: Guns are the leading cause of death for children and teens in the U.S. Today, we unite with our healthcare colleagues across the city and nation to #WearOrange in recognition of National Gun Violence Awareness Day. #EndGunViolence #GunViolenceAwarenessMonth #GunViolenceAwarenessDay #NationalGunViolenceAwarenessDay