It starts with diagnosis and management - which leads to confidence in life now and in the future

Making the Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy-Spectrum Disorders

Personalized care begins with an understanding of child and family goals, combined with a complete history and examination, to focus on cause and optimal treatment

Our clinicians take the time required to recommend targeted testing, often including brain MRI, and to use clinical skills to establish a developmental diagnosis, such as cerebral palsy.

Realizing Potential: Everyday Motion

Children with cerebral palsy can have difficulty moving, sitting, standing, or playing. Every child has different goals in different settings.

At the Phelps Center, our team combines state-of-the-art medical and surgical evidence-based treatments with local resources to promote individual goals based on everyday challenges.

Planning for the Future: From Classroom to Community and Workplace

Every individual with cerebral palsy has different strengths and limitations. Problem-solving and communication abilities may be just as important as movement skills for achieving long-term goals.

At the Phelps Center, our team helps children find their unique strengths, build upon them, and overcome their challenges to participate and reach their full potential.