Intrathecal Baclofen Program (ITBP)

Kennedy Krieger Institute • 707 North Broadway • Baltimore, MD 21205


Alexander H. Hoon Jr., MD, MPH

About Our Program:

The Intrathecal Baclofen Program (ITBP) is one of three programs within the Phelps Center for Cerebral Palsy and Neurodevelopmental Medicine.

In this program individuals with severe spastic and dystonic hypertonicity are evaluated for placement and ongoing management of intrathecal baclofen pumps. The ITBP includes pediatric neurosurgery from Johns Hopkins, pediatric nursing, neurodevelopmental pediatrics and physical therapy. Individuals are evaluated in the ITBP for intrathecal baclofen pumps, with pump refills and follow-up provided longitudinally.

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings, but refills may be done other days of the week as required.


To make a referral or request an initial evaluation:
Contact our Care Management Office
Toll-Free Referral: (888) 554-2080
Local Referral: (443) 923-9400

For follow-up appointments:
Frances Tolley, RN
Phelps Clinic
Phone:(443) 923-9182

Appointments & Referrals



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