The Center for Neuropsychological and Psychological Assessment offers neuropsychological and psychological assessments for individuals from birth to age 30 with a range of medical, neurological, developmental, learning, and behavioral concerns.

Testing of skills such as:

  • Attention and executive functions
  • Intellectual functioning
  • Language
  • Learning and memory
  • Non-verbal/visual skills
  • Motor skills
  • Personality/adjustment
  • Academic/pre-academic achievement

Test results can be used to:

  • Assist in medical and educational planning
  • Determine baseline functioning for follow-up
  • Assist in diagnosis of relevant disorders
  • Describe skill patterns that impact on school or work functioning
  • Monitor change in functioning/status
  • Clarify need for supervision or environmental accommodation
  • Assist parents with life/school decisions


Neuropsychological Intake Form