Neuropsychological Assessment as a Part of Cancer Care: 

The Oncology Clinic provides neuropsychological assessment of individuals who are currently undergoing or are survivors of cancer and cancer treatment. This includes children and young adults treated for leukemia, brain tumors, or other cancers who receive their care locally (e.g., Johns Hopkins Hospital, University of Maryland) or nationally.

Assessments are specialized to the needs of the individual, and can help identify temporary and/or long-term learning issues associated with cancer and/or related treatment. Assessments and recommendations are designed to support the survivor’s daily cognitive, behavioral, and emotional functioning as well as any treatment-related concerns for schooling.

Typically, assessments for school-aged or older youth include interviews with the patient and caregivers, performance-based testing, completion of rating scales, and feedback and recommendations given to the family.

Research and Quality Improvement Projects to Support Pediatric Cancer Care:

The Oncology Clinic is engaged in multiple research and quality improvement projects to enhance pediatric cancer care and, when applicable, improve the connections between the medical care team and the school team.