Community Training/Technical Assistance

The Nursing Department serves as a training center for the American Heart Association’s Basic Life Support course. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) classes are held twice a month at the Institute. The training center offers Heartsaver Adult CPR and AED, Child CPR and AED, and Infant CPR courses, as well as Healthcare Provider Basic Life Support classes. These classes keep all staff current on CPR certifications.

Specialized Health Needs Interagency Collaboration Project (SHNIC)

The Specialized Health Needs Interagency Collaboration Project (SHNIC) is a community-based program that provides on-site training and technical assistance to parents and personnel from schools and community service programs throughout Maryland at no cost.

SHNIC combines their expertise with that of other local medical professionals and the resources of the Maryland State Department of Education and provides parents, school staff members and community service professionals with the skills they need to safely and effectively manage the integration of children and adolescents with specialized health needs into educational and community settings.

Parents and professionals from the public school system, health departments and related community services agencies can access the following SHNIC services:

  • Community-based consultation and training on managing a child's specialized health needs
  • Consultations and training on the educational implications of a child's diagnosis
  • Seminars and workshops on specialized health needs
  • Case-by-case consultations for students with traumatic brain injury
  • Referrals to other community and health resources or support services
  • Database of publications and educational materials on specific medical conditions