If you are viewing this webpage most likely you are the parent or caregiver of a child with a special health care need(s). Parenting a child with special health care needs may at times be an overwhelming and difficult journey. You have been placed on this road without any directions and you must now figure out the best direction to take.

You are learning to navigate the medical system but now you have to also learn the educational system. Terms and acronyms might be new to you in the educational world. You may be feeling isolated and completely alone. You want the best for your child, but often times it can be difficult to know where to begin so your child can reach their full potential. Does my child need a 504 or an IEP? What educational services are available for my child?

If you find that you need some assistance during your journey, we have provided the resources below to assist you. You might find yourself surrounded by specialists in varying areas such as medicine, education, and community. Your team is not only a team of medical specialists, but now you also have a team of educational specialists. You are your child’s advocate, you know best how your child’s day to day looks. This section is to help support you and your educational team.

During this process you will build your contacts in your community to support you and your child. These various contacts may be able to offer directions but don’t forget that you and your child are the ones steering the course. Recognize your role as your child’s expert and primary advocate. Surround yourself with people who seek to learn about your unique child from your child’s expert, you.