Morgan Stanley Grants $5,000 for Therapeutic Toys

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fiber opticsThe Morgan Stanley Foundation has donated $5,000 to the Child Life and Therapeutic Recreation Department at Kennedy Krieger.  This grant will supply the Child Life playroom with developmentally appropriate, adapted toys and sensory objects to meet the needs of each child playing in the space in order to appeal to their various therapeutic needs and help them meet their unique therapy goals.  These new items include switch-activated toys—that teach cause and effect, sensory awareness, and independence through play—a bubbling water panel, fiber optic LED strands that change color, and a calming LED bubble tube, and will promote growth and development, as well as encourage increased self-sufficiency. These adapted therapeutic toys would help the Institute meet the unique rehabilitation goals of its patients, making it possible for them to be active participants in their play and recreation, and helping them to heal and return to their normal lifestyle more quickly.