Faces Of: Rosie and Rowan

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Meet Rosie, 5, and Rowan, 2, siblings who have both been diagnosed with moderate to severe hearing loss.

Rosie and Rowan received their diagnoses at Kennedy Krieger. Rosie was diagnosed at 14 months, and Rowan received his diagnosis when he was just six weeks old.

Rosie and Rowan’s parents initially struggled with accepting their children’s diagnoses, and grieved the life they always thought their children would have.

“It’s okay to grieve,” their mom, Lauren, says. “But just know on the other side of grief is a beautiful life.” 

The Audiology Department at Kennedy Krieger immediately helped Lauren and her husband, Justin, navigate Rosie and Rowan’s diagnoses. They started learning a new language, American Sign Language (ASL) so they could communicate with their children, began educating their families on how to effectively communicate with Rosie and Rowan, and connected with the families of other d/Deaf children.

A photo of Rosie and Rowan with family members

In addition to their diagnoses, Rosie and Rowan have received many services from Kennedy Krieger, including hearing screenings, hearing aid fittings, ear impressions and molds, and more. But the most valuable services their family have received are encouragement, education, and constant support.

"They have become part of the village helping us raise our kids,” Lauren says.

Rosie is now old enough to recognize the differences between herself and hearing children. Thanks to Lauren and Justin's hard work, Rosie and Rowan realize that their differences make them unique, and are their “super powers.”

“No matter if your kids are d/Deaf or hard of hearing, let your kids experience being friends with someone different than them. It's our differences that bring us together,” Lauren says.

This Better Hearing and Speech Month, we honor Rosie and Rowan, their family, and all those impacted by hearing loss.