New Year, New Strategic Plan

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The inner circle is divided into quadrants: A green quadrant reads “Innovative Patient Care,” a red reads “Special Education and Community Services,” a blue reads “World-Class Research” and an orange reads “Access to Care and Services.” The outer circle is dark purple and has eight words or phrases written around it, each separated by a clockwise arrow. The words and phrases are: “Health,” “Equity,” “Inclusion,” “Diversity,” “Civility,” “Transition to Adulthood,” “Wellness” and “Advocacy."

At its heart, Kennedy Krieger Institute’s new strategic plan solidifies the Institute’s longstanding dedication to serving individuals with disorders of the nervous system.

The plan’s four priorities—innovative patient care, special education and community services, access to care and services, and world-class research—bring what Kennedy Krieger offers to the world to a new level of helping others. The actions the Institute is already taking on these priorities have the potential to transform the lives of children, youth and adults on a scale never seen before.

Woven throughout these areas of focus are our commitments to health, equity, inclusion, diversity, civility, wellness, advocacy and supporting individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities transitioning to adulthood. These commitments drive everything we do and contribute to what makes Kennedy Krieger unique among peer organizations.

Four years in the making, the plan is the result of dozens of meetings by focus groups, work groups (four) and task forces (16!) to determine how to turn our long-held dreams into reality.

We’re so excited to share with you all that we’ve accomplished in the first year and a half of the plan’s implementation.

A young boy laughs and smiles while playing outside. He wears glasses and a kippa, and has a birthmark on his right ear and on the right side of his neck.

Innovative Patient Care

Our patients are more complex than ever before. We’re planning a new, state-of-the-art inpatient hospital with individual rooms designed with advanced technologies to support patient recovery, and spaces and amenities developed with families in mind.

A student and his female teacher work on a matching activity at a desk in a classroom at Kennedy Krieger High School.

Special Education and Community Services

We recently launched our Integrated Early Learning Classrooms, a model inclusion program for replication across the country. Last summer, we opened a school in southern Maryland, increasing access to our services for children living in a more rural part of the state. We’re also expanding our transition programs for young adults with neurodivergence.

A nurse kneels to the side of a young boy and adjusts his seating in a mobility device.

Access to Care and Services

We’re streamlining the process of scheduling and referring patients for our programs and clinics—because our services matter little to those who cannot take advantage of them. This past spring, we debuted our Nurse Navigator Program, designed specifically for families in need of extra care coordination. And we’re developing new service delivery models to ensure a variety of options for families seeking appointments at Kennedy Krieger.

A researcher looks through a microscope while working in a lab.

World-Class Research

To take our research to the next level, we’re upgrading our laboratories to support the latest in clinical studies focused on better understanding how rehabilitation affects brain and spinal cord circuitry. We’re also developing a genetic sequencing database and biorepository, and making it easier to capture data on study participants from the comfort of their homes. These steps will allow us to better help people all around the world with nervous system disorders.

We welcome your support as we pursue these priorities. Please email the Office of Philanthropy or call 443-923-7300 for more information.