Faces Of: Lyla

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In honor of Kabuki Syndrome Awareness Day on October 23, we invite you to meet Lyla, one of our ambassadors for this year’s Festival of Trees.

Lyla is a first grader who was excited for the start of school, as school is the place where she can showcase her eagerness to learn and her naturally inquisitive nature.

“Lyla brings a lot of positive energy wherever she goes and loves to engage with others, to sing, dance and do anything related to arts and crafts,” her mom Mysha says.

A young girl sits in a ball pit and smiles.

Lyla hopes to one day work with children, either in a classroom or daycare setting. Lyla has Kabuki Syndrome, a rare disease characterized by distinctive facial features, growth delays, intellectual disability, and skeletal abnormalities.

This year, she and her mother participated in a documentary to raise awareness about Kabuki syndrome, which is just another example of Lyla’s caring and friendly nature.

Her favorite color is yellow and she has a favorite number—it is eight! Lyla is looking forward to saying hello to everyone at the upcoming Festival of Trees, taking place Nov. 24-26 at the Maryland State Fairgrounds. Lyla, we are excited to see you, too! Click here to purchase your Festival of Trees tickets now.