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Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Residency Program

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Message from the Program Director

shapiroNeurodevelopmental disabilities is an exciting, recently recognized field of medicine, with a long tradition of training. By definition, neurodevelopmental disabilities are a group of disorders that begin in childhood, affecting three or more areas of life function, and encompass disorders of language, movement, the special senses, and cognition. This unique discipline merges the best aspects of neurology and pediatrics, while also drawing upon the related disciplines of genetics, psychiatry, rehabilitation, and the allied health fields. Individuals in this field have many rewarding interactions with families and patients from infancy to adulthood.

At the Kennedy Krieger Institute we are committed to developing clinical expertise, and positioning the graduate to assume leadership in academic training, research, and advocacy. Trainees learn in a supportive environment that is both comprehensive and individualized. We have a large faculty of outstanding clinicians and dedicated academic researchers, many of whom hold national and international recognition as experts in their respective areas. They are committed to helping residents define and achieve their personal career goals. With recent advances in neuroimaging, genetics, and therapy, dynamic research opportunities abound, as over 130 protocols at Kennedy Krieger actively advance knowledge in neurodevelopmental and related disorders. In addition to the faculty at Kennedy Krieger, the nearby Johns Hopkins Hospital provides an excellent resource for training and mentorship.

As a result of the program's size, comprehensive scope, and the collaboration among peers, the Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Residency Program at Kennedy Krieger Institute and Johns Hopkins University is an extraordinary opportunity. I invite you to visit us and see if our program is the right fit for your personal and professional goals. For more information, please email me at

Bruce K. Shapiro, M.D.
The Arnold J. Capute, MD. MPH Chair in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
Director, Kennedy Krieger Institute/Johns Hopkins University Joint Residency Program in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities

Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Residency Program Application