A photo of Deepa Menon, MBBS
Assistant Medical Director, Center for Autism Services, Science and Innovation (CASSI™)
Phone: 443-923-9400
Kennedy Krieger Institute

707 N. Broadway
Baltimore, MD 21205
United States

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Dr. Deepa Menon is an associate professor in the Neurology and Neurodevelopmental Medicine Program at Kennedy Krieger Institute. She is also the assistant medical director at the Center for Autism Services, Science and Innovation (CASSI™, formerly known as the Center for Autism and Related Disorders, or CARD), which is located on Greenspring Avenue, and the director of the Telemedicine Committee at Kennedy Krieger Institute.


Dr. Menon received her medical training at Madras Medical College in Chennai, India, graduating with the bachelor of medicine/bachelor of science (MBBS) degree in 1991. She subsequently completed pediatric residency training at the Cook County Children's Hospital in Chicago, IL, in 1997 and joined the Kennedy Krieger Institute in 2003 as a resident in neurodevelopmental disabilities through the Johns Hopkins University. Since graduating from the residency program in 2007, she has been an active member of the medical staff at Kennedy Krieger Institute and works in CASSI as the associate medical director.

Since 2013 she has also been involved in staffing the joint Atlantic General Hospital / Kennedy Krieger Institute Telemedicine Clinic, serving the population on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. She is currently serving as the Director of the Telemedicine Committee at Kennedy Krieger Institute.


Dr. Menon's clinical research interests have included metabolic and mitochondrial disorders that are associated with autism spectrum disorders, regression in autism and early identification and treatment of autism and communication disorders.

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Other Publications 

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