REACH drives the clinical practices and training programs at CARD. Our team approach enables us to comprehensively and innovatively research the causes and treatments of ASD.

We are dedicated to translating research into treatments and educational practices. Funded by federal sources, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and private sources, much of our research is done in collaboration with other national and international experts. Some of our ASD research includes:

  • Early detection of ASD and other developmental disorders or delays
  • Early diagnostic criteria
  • Preventive intervention for infants and toddlers at risk
  • Understanding and enhancing how children with ASD learn
  • Effective methods for training caregivers and family members of children with ASD
  • Intervention for children with ASD
  • Neuro-immune abnormalities in ASD
  • Neurological basis of motor and attention impairments and the effects on communication
  • Early abnormality in neurotransmitters and the effects on development
  • Prevalence of ASD
  • Environment-gene interactions
  • Cholesterol abnormalities