Dejan B. Budimirovic, MD

Dejan B. Budimirovic, MD, earned his undergraduate degree from a pre-medical nursing program and his medical degree from Belgrade University, where he graduated magna cum laude. He then completed residencies at Belgrade, Harvard, and New York University School of Medicine, respectively. He is an attending child neuropsychiatrist, Investigator, and the medical co-director of the FMR1 and Related Conditions Clinic at Kennedy Krieger Institute. Learn more


Constance Smith-Hicks

Constance Smith-Hicks, MD PhD

Constance Smith-Hicks, MD PhD, directs the Center for Synaptic Disorders which incorporates the Rett Syndrome and Synaptopathies research and clinical programs at Kennedy Krieger Institute. She co-directs the FMR1 and Related Conditions Clinic with Dr. Dejan B. Budimirovic. Learn more



Wilfreda Lindsey

Wilfreda Lindsey, MD, MS

Dr. Wilfreda Lindsey is a neurodevelopmental disabilities specialist at Kennedy Krieger Institute and an assistant professor in the Neurology Department at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She serves as the director for the Angelman Syndrome Clinic, and sees patients in the Sickle Cell Neurodevelopmental Clinic as well as the FMR1 and Related Conditions Clinic.  Learn more


Sydney Faw, LMSW: I have a special interest in caring for children with chronic medical conditions. I had always been drawn to helping others, even as a child, and at the start of my studies, I decide to pursue that professionally. After working in pediatric specialty clinics elsewhere, I focused my attention on providing support and advocacy for patients in our clinics for some of our rarest conditions, including Fragile X, as these populations have been historically underserved. While working with patients, I love to engage them about their interests and will happily talk to them about my own cat, Rizzo, and dog, Suki. I also do my best to engage with them on their level, whether that's discussing their favorite cartoons or their upcoming college courses. 

Alaina Acchione, MS:  I am a genetic counselor, who recently graduated from the Columbia University Genetic Counseling program. I work in the Neurogenetics, Ataxia, FMR1 and Related Conditions, and Batten Disease clinics at Kennedy Krieger. I first became interested in Fragile X syndrome when I did an in-depth presentation on the mechanism of disease in graduate school. I really appreciated how well researched and understood this condition is compared to so many other genetic conditions. It has unique implications for the entire family which makes this such an important condition to have proper counseling and guidance on. Because there is such a breadth of understanding, I feel it very important to give families the opportunity to learn at their level of desired understanding. Personally, I am a former volleyball player, so I enjoy being around the sport and sports in general. I also value spending time with my friends and family and going to concerts specifically Dave Matthews Band and Zach Bryan!