Herbert Bearman Foundation Provides $14,641 for Fitness Program Upgrades

tags: Recent Grants

treadmillThe Herbert Bearman Foundation has granted Kennedy Krieger $14,641 to purchase new gym equipment for students with a variety of cognitive, behavioral, and physical disabilities, providing them with opportunities to engage in exercise, fitness activities, and healthy competition.  This equipment—including indoor cycles, a treadmill, a television for video modeling, gaming monitors, and a virtual reality guided bike series—will benefit students at the Institute’s LEAP (Lifeskills and Education for Students with Autism and other Pervasive Behavioral Challenges) program, High School Career and Technology Center, and Physically Challenged Sports program.  These upgrades will allow children and adolescents to participate in activities to which they otherwise would not have access, thereby increasing their physical fitness, cardiovascular health, and self-esteem.