Remarkable Perseverance: Luna's Story

tags: Inspiring Stories

Luna in a wheelchairAs they grow, some children have to navigate an entire healing process. It requires a degree of bravery just to grow up, and when you add a childhood traumatic event to the process, it becomes complicated. Both the child and her family have to be extra strong.

Luna is just such a child. She has faced physical and cognitive challenges that many adults would buckle under. She is one of the many children that Kennedy Krieger helps to heal every day.

With amazing support from a multitude of specialized therapists and with the steadfast love of her mom, Luna learned about her own internal fortitude at quite an early age. She was vacationing with family in a foreign country when she was struck by an automobile - a totally unexpected and sudden accident. She was only 8 years old. For the first few days after the accident, it was touch and go, with much speculation on whether she would make it or not. And if she did, further speculation on how her injuries might affect her long-term recovery.

But she rose to meet the challenge. It was a long and arduous road spanning many treatment facilities. Somewhere in the process she came to Kennedy Krieger Institute. Each month offered new hurtles for her to conquer. Her perseverance was remarkable. As the months and years passed, she gained more mobility through hard work and innovative physical therapy sessions.

A passion for creative writing, drawing and journaling helped her navigate the emotional side of her trauma. Those around her were humbled by the honestly of her modes of creative expression. She has grown into a bright-eyed and beautiful young lady who continues to inspire those around her. She is representative of the many children helped by Kennedy Krieger Institute. And it is the generosity of those around her who help make it possible.