The Sturge-Weber syndrome laboratory, directed by Dr. Anne Comi, has worked with for the past 24 years with collaborators to better understand the cause of Sturge-Weber syndrome (SWS) and to develop new treatment targets and strategies.  

She helped lead studies which discovered the most common somatic mutation in GNAQ that is the underlying cause of Sturge-Weber syndrome.  Previously she developed and studied an immature mouse model of stroke and seizures; this model is still used by other researchers.  More recently, her studies have focused on tissue studies of pathways downstream of the mutation, developing a mouse genetic model, and working with collaborators to develop other new in vitro and mutation identification tools to better understand how the somatic mutation results in SWS.  Her overall research program includes SWS clinical research, with a translational clinic to bench and back approach.

Side by side comparison of epilepsy control and Sturge-weber syndrome brain tissue.

This Figure shows the G-protein cycle. GNAQ codes for G alpha q which is part of the trimeric G protein complex. The R183Q GNAQ mutation results in impaired deactivation of the downstream pathways, resulting in abnormal vascular structure and function. 

Publications from this lab include the following:

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