The Neuropsychiatry in Epilepsy Program at Kennedy Krieger Institute is a specialty program for children and adolescents with behavioral complications associated with epilepsy.

Kennedy Krieger’s program is unique because of its highly specialized approach, combining neurology and psychiatry to address mental health problems that may co-occur with seizure disorders.

Epilepsy is a complex disorder that often involves difficulties with thinking, learning, mood, and anxiety. At times, these problems may be even more complicated than the seizure episodes themselves. Our specialists have experience with a wide variety of seizure disorders, as well as neuropsychiatric conditions, and apply an interdisciplinary approach to patient evaluation and treatment.

Who We Serve:

We treat individuals from ages 4 to 17 who have been diagnosed with, or are suspected of having, epilepsy and are also exhibiting mental health symptoms. Other individuals may receive an evaluation by special arrangement.

Our Approach:

Our goal is to treat the whole person and tailor treatment to the individual concerns of each patient and family. We strive to improve quality of life for individuals with epilepsy, and to enhance the understanding of epilepsy and brain-behavior relationships.

All patients undergo an initial comprehensive clinical assessment with our neuropsychiatrist that includes diagnostic evaluation and identification of other needed services.

Other Related Services:

  • Family-focused psychosocial services including individual and family counseling to help patients and families understand and cope with their conditions, and partner with community resources
  • Coordination with existing clinical providers to provide summary recommendations for ongoing care
  • Referral for neuropsychological testing by clinicians specializing in epilepsy
  • Psychopharmacological recommendations, including assessment of current and past medication treatment strategies
  • Follow-up consisting of subsequent visits and periodic reevaluation to monitor treatment response and long-term outcomes

Our Team:

Our interdisciplinary team is led by Jay A. Salpekar, MD, an internationally renowned physician and scholar in the field of neuropsychiatry. A wide range of disciplines are associated with the program, including:

As part of our coordinated care model, our team collaborates closely with other subspecialists. This model allows our patients to see multiple clinicians in one convenient location.

Research Initiatives:

Researchers in the program are among the nation’s leading scientists in neuropsychiatry and epilepsy. Our scientists are committed to conducting innovative laboratory and clinical research that will lead to improved treatments for our patients and others with these concerns. For information about participating in research studies that may further the understanding of epilepsy and its treatment, please contact our clinic.

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