REACH: Early Detection and Early Intervention

Early Detection:

The following groups are being recruited for participation in the early detection study:

**All participants must be fluent in English**

Early Intervention:

"I believe that early intervention is the key to future learning for autism. My son has made great progress in many areas, including his social skills. He has developed a better communication system and has reduced most of his separation anxiety. We have been very pleased with his progress and hope to continue it." -- Father of a toddler with autism from the Early Achievements Intervention program

Research has shown the benefits of early intervention for children with developmental disabilities, especially autism. We know that the sooner young children begin intervention, the greater the potential benefit. By acting at just the right time, while a young child's brain is still developing, early intervention can produce significant changes in the child's development.

In our early intervention research program for toddlers with autism spectrum disorders, we are working to determine the most effective treatment approaches for improving speech, language, play and social skills. We combine direct instruction with weekly parent training sessions designed to empower families to become the most informed advocates for their children.

This research is being done to identify important goals for early intervention in the hopes of improving outcomes in toddlers with autism. Enrollment for this study has been completed. Now that we have empirical support for our classroom model, supporting the theory that toddlers show improvement in intervention, we hope that public services to these children will be increased.

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