Ryan Roemmich
Phone: 443-923-2717
Kennedy Krieger Institute

707 N. Broadway
Room G-04B
Baltimore, MD 21205
United States

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Dr. Ryan Roemmich is a research scientist at the Kennedy Krieger Institute and an assistant professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Roemmich’s research lab (located in the Motion Analysis Lab) focuses on understanding mechanisms of locomotor control and rehabilitation in persons affected by neurological damage or disease.


Dr. Roemmich earned a bachelor of science degree in biological systems engineering from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2009. He then completed his doctoral degree in biobehavioral science at the University of Florida in 2013 and a post-doctoral fellowship in neuroscience at the Kennedy Krieger Institute and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 2017. He has been a research scientist at the Kennedy Krieger Institute and an assistant professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine since 2017.


Dr. Roemmich is a human movement scientist interested in walking and rehabilitation of persons with neurologic damage or disease. His research focuses on combining neuroscience, clinical gait analysis, and engineering to understand how the nervous system controls locomotion and how we can improve walking in persons with gait dysfunction. Dr. Roemmich’s lab uses three-dimensional motion capture, electromyography, interactive feedback, metabolic testing, and clinical examination to solve these problems. My long-term research goals aim to 1) understand the mechanisms that underlie human locomotion, and 2) develop innovative, effective walking treatments for persons with neurologic damage or disease.

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Research Publications

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