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Dr. Jacqueline Harris (nee Weissman) is the director of the Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic at Kennedy Krieger Institute and an assistant professor in neurology at Johns Hopkins Hospital.


Dr. Harris received her BA with Honors in English Language and Literature and Neurobiology from The University of Chicago. She earned an MD from Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University and an MS in Clinical Research Scholars Program from Case Western Reserve University.

She completed a residency in pediatrics at the Children's Medical Center at UT Southwestern.

Dr. Harris was chief resident in the Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Program at Johns Hopkins Hospital through 2016. She is currently the director of the Tuberous Sclerosis and Related Disorders Clinic at Kennedy Krieger Institute, an attending in the Rehabilitation Unit and Neurology and Neurogenetics Clinic, and a Neurology/Medical consultant to the Neurobehavioral Unit at Kennedy Krieger Institute.


Dr. Harris is interested in genetic and epigenetic causes of neurdevelopmental disorders - particularly intellectual disability - and how specific genetic and epigenetic changes lead to specific neuroanatomic, neurophysiologic and cognitive phenotypes. She is also interested in developing specific cognitive profiles in genetic syndromes as potential outcome measures for trails and to help localize deficits. Most of her research is currently centered around Kabuki syndrome.

Research Publication

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