The mission of the Michael V. Johnston Center for Developmental Neuroscience is to expand scientific knowledge of the mechanisms related to neurodevelopmental disorders – whether acquired or genetic -  and to integrate this expanded knowledge into  our clinical practices.

This center is committed to bedside-to-bench and bench-to-bedside research with the long-term goal of improving patient clinical outcomes. The Michael V. Johnston Center seeks and supports diversity and collaboration and offers a robust investigatory environment with multidisciplinary scientific approaches to new, future and established clinician scientists, trainees and investigators who work to identify solutions to diseases and disorders of  the developing nervous system.

Meet our Team

Anne Comi, MD.

Anne Comi, MD

Professor, Principal Investigator, Director, Hunter Nelson Sturge-Weber Center at Kennedy Krieger Institute
Matthew Elrick, MD, PhD.

Matthew Elrick, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor, Principal Investigator and Pediatric Neurologist
Ali Fatemi, MD, MBA.

Ali Fatemi, MD, MBA

Professor, Chief Medical Officer, Principal Investigator
Christina Nemeth Mertz, PhD.

Christina Nemeth Mertz, PhD

Assistant Professor, Principal Investigator
Joseph Scafidi, DO, MS.

Joseph Scafidi, DO, MS

Director, Associate Professor, Principal Investigator, Pediatric Neurologist