Although most of the lab's patients come from internal referrals, Kennedy Krieger will perform EEGs at the request of outside physicians or other medical clinicians. We are happy to perform EEGs on children or on individuals who have disabilities.

Please note that there must be an identified provider who will be able to follow-up the results with the family. Per standard practice, we send the report to the referring clinician; we do not discuss or interpret the results with the patient or family.

In order to refer a patient for an EEG:

  1. Please call (443) 923-9386, or submit a referral online. If your patient needs a neurology or other medical appointment in addition to the EEG, please let us know at the time you make the referral.
  2. The next step is different for new patients and existing patients:
    • If the patient has never been seen at Kennedy Krieger, then the parent or guardian will have to go through the intake process. Either the parent/guardian can contact Kennedy Krieger Intake at (443) 923-9400, or, if you give us the patient's name and phone number, our Intake Department will be happy to contact the family.
    • If the patient has been seen at Kennedy Krieger previously, then there is nothing further that you need to do. We will let you know when the patient has been scheduled and will send the report when it is complete.