Kennedy Krieger Institute offers an individualized approach to treatment that is based on an interdisciplinary team model. This model enables our team to monitor and review quality of care to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.

To make sure our programs and outcomes are held at the highest standards, we participate in several national databases, as well as internal advisory committees, where outcome issues are reviewed and benchmarked against other organizations. By looking comprehensively at the data and outcomes available, we are able to develop quality improvement initiatives and measurements that will continue to lead and enhance patient care at Kennedy Krieger Institute.

For more information about specific programs, please click on the links below:

Adult Outpatient Spinal Cord Injury Program

Brain Injury Continuum

Community Rehabilitation Program

Complex Physical Rehabilitation Program

Feeding Disorders Program

Neurobehavioral Programs

Pediatric and Adolescent Inpatient Spinal Cord Program

Pediatric Outpatient Spinal Cord Injury Program

Specialized Transition Program (Day Rehab Hospital)