PACT is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors that has overall fiduciary, programmatic and financial responsibility for the organization.

The Board may include as many as 26 members representing a broad spectrum of the community. Board composition must include at least one parent of a child who received services at PACT and three Kennedy Krieger Institute senior staff members. The PACT Board meets in March, June, September and December.

Current PACT Board Officers and Members Are:

  • Michael Singer, Chair
  • Sarah Monaghan, Vice Chair
  • Mike Neuman, Treasurer/Secretary
  • Joshua Becker
  • Adam Bell
  • Russell Berger
  • Robert Bergin
  • Shanté Fields
  • Mark Furst
  • Matt Gotlin
  • Joanne Hampson
  • Chris Kastendike
  • Bronwyn LeGette
  • Mia Matthews
  • Teresa Loeffert
  • Amit Mohla
  • Steven Navarro
  • Nathan Pascal
  • Jasmine Simms
  • Jacqueline Stone
  • Juan Webster
  • Robin Weiss