Opportunities exist for graduate students pursuing a degree in speech-language pathology (communication disorders). Typically, these placements occur in the student’s final year of a Masters degree program, as an external practicum experiences to obtain direct clinical hours and additional experience.

Graduate placements can occur at any of our physical sites and programs, where sufficient supervision is available. The placements include hospital settings (inpatient, outpatient, Center for Autism), school (lower, middle or high school or private-public partnership programs), and community (Parents and Children Together [PACT], Child Family Support Program [CFSP]) programs. Across these settings, speech-language pathologists evaluate and treat children from infants to teenagers, and some adults with developmental disabilities. In addition to communication disorders, patients may have been diagnosed with a wide range of related disorders including developmental delay, autism, genetic disorders, motor difficulties, emotional and behavioral problems, and neurological disorders (both developmental and acquired).

Prior to beginning a graduate placement in speech and language, a university agreement or contract must be in effect, specifying roles and responsibilities of Kennedy Krieger Institute and the student’s university. Kennedy Krieger Institute maintains on-going relationships with several universities for graduate student placements. Universities or graduate students considering at graduate placement with any programs providing speech-language services at Kennedy Krieger Institute should contact us at least one semester before the intended placement would occur. Full-time placements or those arranged to be nearly full-time around required courses are preferable.

Graduate students interested in considering a placement in speech and language at Kennedy Krieger Institute should complete the following information: letter of interest, resume including current and completed coursework, and transcripts.

These should be sent to:

Kathy Ferguson, M.S., CCC-SLP, Assistant Director, Speech-Language Department;
707 North Broadway; Baltimore, MD 21205.

Phone number: (443) 923-2650, Fax: (443) 923-2655; email: ferguson@kennedykrieger.org.

Once information is obtained, the student will be contacted to interview at the prospective sites and programs.