Evaluation of Curriculum content, format and ease of use is essential to continually providing effective learning!

To evaluate the efficacy of the Kennedy Krieger Central Curriculum as an educational strategy, profession of registrants, curriculum use, and self-assessment exercise data are de-identified to protect your anonymity and included for curriculum evaluation in a research study approved by Johns Hopkins IRB #00369731. The principal investigator for this study is Mary Leppert. By participating in this curriculum, you are giving us permission to use your responses for evaluation purposes.

Your individual data will be kept confidential. De-identified, aggregated data may be used in publications or presentations on curriculum development, or evaluation, and to inform new initiatives.

We offer two versions of the curriculum: Evaluation and Non-Evaluation. The Evaluation version of the curriculum is more structured and includes opportunities for you to provide feedback to the course developers as outlined above.The evaluation version collects, de-identifies, and aggregates data for curriculum evaluation. The Non-Evaluation version does not provide you with the opportunity to submit feedback, does not collect data for curriculum evaluation, and does not allow us to use your feedback for course improvement. Please select a version of the course to take:

Evaluation Version (Opt In)   

Non-Evaluation Version (Opt Out)

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