Project HEAL Collaborates With Center for Development and Learning

tags: Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities

In November, Mallory Legg, Esq., of Project HEAL (Health, Education, Advocacy, and Law) began consulting with Kennedy Krieger Institute’s Center for Development and Learning (CDL) Medication Management Clinic to support the clinic’s efforts to provide comprehensive care to the patients and families it serves.

The CDL, Kennedy Krieger’s oldest and largest medical clinic, treats children with developmental and behavioral disorders, from birth to young adulthood. Legg joins the Medication Management Clinic every other Thursday. During this clinic, nurse practitioners meet with patients and their families to measure patients’ adjustment to medications prescribed by the clinic’s attending physicians, and to suggest nonpharmacological interventions that might also be of benefit.

Dr. Mary Leppert, director of the CDL, invited Legg to join the Medication Management Clinic after developing concerns that patients seen in the clinic were not receiving adequate special education and related services in their public schools. CDL staff members realized that an interdisciplinary approach, including legal consultation provided by Project HEAL and counseling services provided by Darius Sanders, a clinical social worker at the Institute, could better meet the needs of the patients and families they treat.

Eve Lukowski, administrative services coordinator for the Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities, also has a joint appointment with the CDL, with the goal of connecting families with children seen at the CDL to the Project HEAL intake line. Lukowski guides families through the Project HEAL intake process so their children can receive interdisciplinary care.