New: Neurodevelopmental Clinic for Early Exposures

A little baby girl in her mom's arms, against a gray background

The Neurodevelopmental Clinic for Early Exposures at Kennedy Krieger Institute provides diagnostic services and comprehensive treatment for the complex cognitive, behavioral and neurodevelopmental challenges associated with prenatal exposure to drugs, tobacco, alcohol and infections. While neurocognitive and behavioral challenges that result from prenatal exposure can impact an individual, early intervention and treatment services can vastly improve a child’s development.

The clinic will evaluate and treat children between 3 years old and adolescence who had fetal exposure and experienced fetal stress during their mother’s pregnancy with them. The clinic’s goal is to provide long-term treatment for children to reduce the impact of any exposure.

There’s no cure or specific treatment for fetal exposures, and the related physical and mental symptoms typically persist for a lifetime. However, early intervention services may help reduce or even prevent secondary disabilities.

To make a referral to this clinic, email or call our Physician Referral Line at 443-923-9403.

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